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Blu, Snow & Mystic
We have very good experiences with RFP for almost a year. They have done well in the areas of maintaining the freshness of the raw, open to feedback with action taken and suggestion. As we prepare raw meals for our furkids, we are very particular about the quality. Will continue to support RFP.


Yuki stopped having watery stool from the first meal since we switched from another raw feeding company to RFP. Thank you RawforPaw for the fresh supply of raw food and making Yuki happy again.
Mamoru and Kazuki
Very pleased with Yan and Michelle on constantly checking out our dogs’ meals. Meals came delivered were all vacuum packed and packed individually based on the specific weight ordered. Willing to share ingredients knowledge is important to me as a first time owner hence never once felt limite

Malibu and Bailey

Thank you rawforpawsg for making the daily meals of my 2 poodles for the past 2 years plus. I have started with rawforpaw ever since they started. Very accommodating, well packed, convenient and reasonable price! Save me alot of effort in preparing my own meals.
Apollo & Olive
We have been loyal supports of Rawforpaw since transitioning them to raw food with amazing results. Their fur has never been shinier and softer, we see higher energy levels, smaller stools and better breath. Apollo has always been a fussy eater but he will choose raw food over kibbles.


I started my dog on raw diet for more than 3 years now and would highly recommend RawForPaw. It is hassle-free as they will plan and customise a well-balanced meal around his allergies. Each meal pack have been portioned and vacuum-packed which I simply thaw and feed. Thumbs up for the conveni
We have been engaging Michelle for over a year now and I have to say, she is simply the best! From the first order, she has checked on Rainbow's progress every week and has customised and catered to any change required. On occasions when Rainbow had symptoms of allergies or discomfort, Michelle


I’ve been ordering with RawforPaw SG regularly for the past few months now and they’ve always been really responsive and receptive to feedback, working closely with me to customize and deliver meals for Loki right to our doorstep. They also offer a wide variety of meats for me to mix and match s
We have been ordering Sunshine’s meals from Raw for Paw on a regular basis. We appreciate that they have consistently met our expectations by catering to our requests, and delivering healthy and nutritious meals on time weekly. Since finding them, we had more time to spend with our furkid from the
Mr Ong,


Bailey have been on raw with RawforPaw since she was 3 months. She has been doing well since then. Very friendly and provides useful advice on questions regarding her raw meals.
Thank you Raw for Paw for always customising according to Dag's tastes and accepting feedback earnestly. It has been a great half year of watching Dag finish all his bowls and maintaining a healthy diet.

Vico and Tiara

I’ve tried a few suppliers and find that the quality/hygiene level can be inconsistent, leading to diarrhoea. And it’s not fun when 2 dogs get it. Vico and Tiara have done well with rawforpawsg. They are enthusiastic about their meals, and slurp it up in seconds!
BlackJack & Jaeger
We've been ordering our dogs' food from Raw for Paw for years and they've never disappoint us! Always going the extra mile to ensure that the meat supply is good and our dogs have no issues with the meals. They're also able to cater to special request such as cutting the bone smaller or changing
C. Lee,
About Us

RawforPaw is an AVS-licensed raw feeding company.

We continuously source for freshest quality ingredients from human-grade suppliers, and processed in small batches to ensure freshness and consistent quality. 


We focus on formulating raw meal for pets of all life stages according to NRC standards.

Our goal is to provide quality, species appropriate food for cats and dogs to enjoy a happier, healthier and more vibrant life.